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Fluent in English, Spanish, and French, our staff is able to assist clients of all origins and nationalities. Contact our office online or call 314-995-3932 to discuss your specific immigration law concerns today.

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Experience Counts
Lead by an attorney with more than 25 years of immigration law experience, our team is able to support clients with even the most complicated concerns. 

​Contact our office online or call 314-995-3932 to discuss your specific needs today.
​Contact our office online or call 314-995-3932
to discuss your specific needs today.
You are always at home with us.
Providing Access to the Land of Opportunity
Our experienced staff is highly knowledgeable and practical and strives to provide efficient representation for individuals, families and businesses facing a wide range of concerns. From family immigration, green card concerns, business immigration, visas, removal defense and asylum issues, we help our clients find solutions to their immigration needs.

We work hard to educate our clients and fight for the benefits to which our clients are entitled. We know the law, and our skilled practitioners are eager to tackle even the most complicated problems.

Believing in the Vision of Our Country's Founders

More than 200 years ago, the founding fathers of the United States set into motion a chain of events that would one day create a land of freedom, opportunity and acceptance. These individuals believed in providing a home for individuals and families of all creeds in an effort to offer the chance to be free of want and fear. Their dream stands today, as the United States accepts immigrants from all over the world seeking to gain employment, education or freedom not found elsewhere.

At the Law Offices of Suzanne Brown, P.C., we believe in the vision of our country's founders, and work diligently to offer comprehensive immigration law assistance to foreign nationals and immigrants wishing to immigrate or come temporarily to the United States for work, school or freedom from persecution in their own lands. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, we provide understanding and informative immigration law assistance to clients throughout the country and the world.

You're always at home with us